What is WiFi Direct?

What is WiFi Direct? This is a new technology that is creating a huge buzz right now in tech industry. This is a wireless technology that allows WiFi enabled gadgets to interact with each other without having to pass through a router which is very innovative. Examples of this is the fact that it would enable you to use a printer from wireless device or you can play against each other directly through WiFi enabled video game. Because of the technology, only one WiFi Direct device is necessary to connect with WiFi capable equipment which is easier and convenient. This technology is similar with Bluetooth however it is stronger and can reach long distance.

WiFi Direct is not something that would replace traditional connections. It is meant to enhance your experience of using the technology. Although security is still an issue, this is a welcome addition to your home. One can maximize applications and portable gadgets without having to deal with messy cables. Fortunately there are devices coming from tech giants like Apple and Intel that are compatible with it. Definitely this is an answer to consumers’ demand for portable connectivity. Any gadget from netbooks, camera to printers can find connectivity without having to find access point. It is easy as synching your device to another without having to connect to network.

There are a lot of features of WiFi Direct. One is the fact that it uses Soft AP. This is software that is built in access point functionality found in WiFi enabled devices. With the help of this technology, devices are routing and directing network. Often compared to Bluetooth, this is something different as it offers great connectivity. It offers better connection and great range. The technology includes WPA2 compared to traditional access points where this is something that canÕt be disabled.

With WiFi Direct, your devices can connect to applications without having to find a network. It is mentioned earlier that this will not replace traditional wireless connection. The thing is, this is more flexible and there are no security considerations. Unfortunately this is not advisable for workplace. The reason is the fact that it is hard to control devices. There are a lot of benefits associated with this latest technology. One is the fact that it is portable. There is no need to get stuck with a router that is typical scenario for this type of connection.

After it is introduced in the market, this innovation has grown quickly and become popular. This is due to the fact that nowadays a lot of gadgets are WiFi enabled which is a part of a person’s lifestyle. There is no doubt that this is something that is useful in a lot of ways especially for those who always need to hook up with the internet. Perhaps the best feature of WiFi Direct is the security. You can set it up in such a way that you will need a pin code for both devices for secure connection.